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Your Home Inspection Partner   
At Moran Inspection we understand that purchasing a home is a major undertaking and has many unknowns.  We know that a home inspection can provide you with valuable information to aid in the purchase, sale, and maintenance of a home.

Whether you are buying, selling, building a home, or are a current homeowner with a desire to fully understand the overall condition of your property, having the house inspected by a competent home inspection company, with years in the field as a builder, is a logical first step

Our extensive background in home/building construction, new construction and remodels provides excellent attention to detail, understanding of building codes, and inspection reports that are delivered usually the same day. 

Our home inspections typically take about 2-4 hours then we will deliver the report the same day.  Pricing will vary depending on the size, age and the condition of the home.  
Referrals are our life-blood so we guarantee every report and hope to exceed expectations. 

Here are some comments from our Yelp page:  (We have several emails from satisfied clients and realtors)

Commercial building:
"Very thorough!  Shawn was professional and knowledgeable.  He went right to work and spent a good amount of time inspecting our potential building.  I was surprised how complete the report was.  It included everything from tiny blemishes on the walls to significant structural concerns.  The report summarized everything as well as provided details for every issue (including pictures).  The report was useful for us as the buyers, the sellers, and all the agents in between.  And it ended up saving us thousands on the purchase.  I would recommend Moran Inspection and will definitely use again myself!"

Residential Home:
"Moving to a new city is always exciting. However, not knowing anyone has its challenges. We were very lucky in finding an excellent home inspector, Moran Inspection. He was very detailed in his inspection and extremely knowledgeable.  He pointed us in directions we would have missed. Like the electrical box not being wired properly. He tested all of our kitchen equipment, plumbing and more. He helped us in saving money and prevented some headaches we would have experienced down the road.  I strongly recommend Moran Inspection."

We have a long list of happy agents, sellers and buyers that appreciate our thorough inspections, fast scheduling,  same-day inspection delivery and fair pricing.