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We make the process simple
  1. Real Estate Professionals
    Home inspections are a critical part of the home buying and selling process. Knowledge in the field of property inspection has become invaluable, especially in light of stricter legislation on both a state and national level. We are committed to serving both buying and selling agents.
  2. Home Buyers
    Most buyers get professional inspections only after they're in contract to buy the property. The deal is commonly made contingent on the buyers' approving the results of one or more inspections. Another scenario is the seller provides an inspection but you want a second opinion before you commit to make the purchase.
  3. Home Owner/Sellers
    Our pre-listing home inspection provides you with comprehensive information on the current condition of your home and includes recommendations for property repairs and enhancements to improve the home’s value and marketability. This report can often provide for a faster sale of your home giving sellers a higher degree of confidence.
  4. New Construction
    While builders and contractors are overseen by state or local government officials and that the local town or city building inspector checks the house out, few if any municipal inspectors spend anywhere near enough time in the home. It's possible there could be problems with the home that are not necessarily code violations, but require costly repairs in the future.
  1. Thermal (Infrared) Imaging
    We include Thermal Imaging during our inspections to check your HVAC registers, check for moisture, heat in the electrical panel from loose wires or bad breakers, ensure heated floors, or radiant ceilings are working properly.
  2. Moisture Meters
    Did you know moisture intrusion is the single most important factor impacting the integrity of any structure? As such, it’s crucial that a building inspector has the proper tools for a thorough moisture analysis and that potential home buyers/building tenants get reliable information about moisture issues before making a final decision about their purchase.
  3. Structural Pest Inspection (SPI)
    To assure homeowners that their investment is free from structural pests such as Anobiid Beetles, Dampwood Termites, Carpenter Ants, and rot fungi (common in the Pacific Northwest), many lenders and realtors will recommend that a structural pest inspector be hired to examine the residence.
  4. Commercial Inspections
    If you're thinking about purchasing a commercial building, one of the first things you'll need to do is set up a commercial inspection.Beyond meeting all of the necessary code qualifications, the purpose of a comprehensive commercial inspection is to make the owner completely aware of all aspects of the property.
  1. Pre-Listings
    A pre-listing inspection serves many benefits not only for the seller, but also for his/her agent. Sellers benefit from pre-listing inspections because it allows the seller to make repairs before listing the home. It ensures a smoother and more efficient transaction. Furthermore, it uncovers potential surprises which can impede on the sale of your home.
Inspection Services Offered
New Construction Inspection
Commercial Inspection
Thermal Imaging (Infrared) Inspection
Home Buyer Home Inspection
Strutural Pest Inspection
Roof Inspection
Walk through Inspection
Mobile Home Inspection
VA Inspection
Pre Listing Inspection
Crawlspace and Attic Inspection
Log Home Inspections